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Project management

  • Project managers are trained according to the PMI PMBOK Project Management Standard (Project Management Institute, Project Management Book of Knowledge)
  • Professional communication with customers executed in different languages:
  • German
  • English
  • Russian
  • Budget planning and cost control
  • Scheduling using professional software product tools (Projektron)
  • Identification and minimization of risks

3D/2D design

  • Creation of 3D/2D designs based on a 15-year experience
  • Experience with almost all standards: DIN, GOST, ISO
  • Flexible capacity planning, floating resource
  • Conveyor systems for transportation of materials (belt, worm screw, chain, apron conveyors)
  • Metal structures (chutes and dosing systems, operating platforms, stairs and walkway, logistic solutions)
  • Transportation systems for welding lines and paint shops for the automotive industry
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEM)
  • Structural analysis of metal profiles, result reports
  • Experience in executing projects based on PLM systems 
  • Supervision and technical support
  • Design execution in different CAD systems: NX, AutoCad, Inventor


  • Event-driven Plant Simulation
    • Analysis of productive capacity
    • Identification and resolving bottlenecks
  • Multi-resource simulation including cycle time and equipment layout optimization
  • Ergonomic analysis
  • Simulation execution in SIEMENS TECNOMATIX Plant Simulation Tool


  • Multilanguage drawings
  • Informative reports for presentations and collaboration