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Project management (Design Phase)

  • Project managers are trained according to the PMI PMBOK Project Management Standard (Project Management Institute, Project Management Book of Knowledge)
  • Professional communication with customers executed in different languages:
  • English
  • Russian
  • Budget planning and cost control
  • Scheduling using professional software product tools (Projektron)
  • Identification and minimization of risks

Method planning

  • Development of die stamping processes
  • Draw simulation (feasibility check, request for initial detail changes)

3D/2D design

  • Die design based on stamping methodology developed by our customers or based on technology developed internally
  • Precise and accurate design in accordance with customer requirements
  • Big experience of work with different customers and their standards
  • Design execution in different CAD systems: CATIA, NX  and AutoForm


  • Multilanguage drawings, BOMs
  • Informative reports for presentations and collaboration